Mooses with Bazookas FAQ here.

Can Sam personalize my signed book?

No, unfortunately not. The volume of signed books prevents Sam from being able to personalize.


Do you have Sizing Charts for T-shirts?

YES! Click here!


Have a sizing guide for hats?

Not really! They are adjustable, one size fits all but will fit adult heads best. The Green Oath and Red Fight Back Hats are made by Legacy and the Blue Oath Hat is made by Richardson.


Can you tell me more about Heather’s Necklace?

A beautiful, embossed torch pendant made of silver-plated pewter. This is another item drawn directly from the pages of The Green Ember Series. No spoilers here, but Heather’s wearing this lovely necklace on the cover of Ember Falls. Bear the flame!


Can you tell me more about Picket’s Sword?

Bring #RabbitsWithSwords to your backyard with this beautiful, 23 inch long wooden sword, featuring an authentic insignia from Heather and Picket’s world right on the hilt. This is a wooden replica of Picket’s sword from The Green Ember Series. (On several covers.) Your kids will have a blast with this adventurous toy.


Where are S. D. Smith’s audiobooks available? 

They are all available on Audible and many other retailers!


I want to get free Green Ember coloring pages and virtually high-five S. D. Smith!

Thank you very much! See here.


What is the best order in which to read the books?

Sam recommends publication order:

  1. The Green Ember
  2. The Black Star of Kingston
  3. Ember Falls
  4. The Last Archer
  5. Ember Rising
  6. The Wreck and Rise of Whitson Mariner
  7. The First Fowler
  8. Ember’s End
  9. The Archer’s Cup
  10. Prince Lander and the Dragon War


I live abroad. Do you ship internationally?



I have questions about my order. Can you help?

I hope so! Please email: orders@storywarren.com