"These are Easter books, not because they have rabbits, but because the story is about life breaking through in the face of death. The Green Ember Series is about keeping faith, fighting for hope, and self-sacrificial love."

S. D. Smith

“A captivating story with sword-bearing rabbits, daring quests, and moments of poignant beauty, The Green Ember is a tale that will delight and inspire young readers to courage and creativity.”

Sarah Clarkson, Author of Read for the Heart

Four thrilling adventures following siblings Heather and Picket as they get caught up in an epic struggle for rabbitkind’s liberation from the tyrannous preylords. Humor, heart, and hope anchor this series that centers on small rabbits battling to keep faith amid the chaos all around them.

  • I never write reviews but had to come here to sing the praise of the work S. D. Smith is doing in the Green Ember saga. The world needs more books being published today like this one - "new books with old souls"...hard copies will be landing in Easter baskets next week.

    Alison on The Green Ember

  • Our family finished reading this book aloud this morning, Resurrection Sunday, which was so fitting both because of the time period over which the author wrote this book (Lent to Easter for much of the writing) & because of the hope that it calls to mind which on this day of all days reminds us of the hope that Jesus' resurrection brings to those who are in Him.

    Wes on Ember's End

  • Throughout this 410-page story, catastrophic sacrifices pile up upon each other. And then, when it is the darkest, miraculous light breaks in, and not only wins the day, but restores much of what has been lost. This story feels like Lent leading into Holy Week, and resolving into an entire Easter season.

    Sara on Ember's End

About the Author

S. D. Smith is the author ofThe Green Ember Series, a million+ selling adventure saga featuring heroic #RabbitsWithSwords.The Green Ember spent time as the number one bestselling audiobook in the world on Audible. He is also the author of the madcap Mooses with Bazookas: And Other Stories Children Should Never Read as well as a fantasy adventure novel co-authored with his son, Jack Zulu and the Waylander’s Key. Smith’s stories are captivating readers across the globe who are hungry for “new stories with an old soul.”

S. D. Smith lives in Grandview, West Virginia with his wife and four kids.

Vintage adventure. Moral imagination. Classic virtue.
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